New Crazy Painting Practice Regimen

(Title image is a painting by Claude Monet)

Another way to torture myself?

Today I’ve started my new unorthodox digital art practice regimen. Here’s a breakdown of the practice regimen:

  1. I choose 1 artwork from my artist of the week.
  2. I do 3 or more 30 minutes recorded copy-sessions per week.
  3. The best session will be posted on my youtube channel “Art with Jaceley”.

What do I get out of this?

The goal of this practice regimen is to get myself to see art the way other artists do. I want to force myself to not only practice on a consistent basis, but to practice by pushing the boundaries of my painting habits. Most of the work I will copy were made using traditional media like oil paint. To save money, I have decided to copy those work using Photoshop (CS5).

The point of the practice regimen is to try to copy the work as best as I can in a very limited time. I am hoping that working within such a short time limit will help me grow by becoming more decisive and confident with my brush strokes. Hopefully in a year from now, my painting skills, both digital and traditional, would’ve increased exponentially.

It doesn’t look like a child’s painting! Does it?

Just to advise in advance, my copies will not look nowhere near as good as the originals. I will work rather quickly in a short amount of time. Plus, I will be copying the work of master painters who’ve spent a lifetime honing their skills. I’ll be happy as long as my copies look a little better than a kindergartner’s painting (lol).   

Join me if you dare!

If you are an artist or someone who wants to improve their painting skills, I would love for you to join me on this exciting practice routine. Let’s grow together one brushstroke at a time. Also, let me know how yours is going, or let me know how we can improve on the regimen in the comments below or by sending me an email.


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