Daniel Ridgway Knight – Third Attempt

It all worked out!

I’ve completed the third and final session for this week’s 30 minute painting challenge. It is posted on YouTube so you guys can go check it out. The video is not in real time. I sped it up to shorten it and make it into a ten minute video.



All in all, this week’s challenge went well. Although, at the beginning it was a bit intimidating to copy Daniel Ridgway Knight’s painting. The amount of details that goes into his beautiful gardens and backgrounds is astounding. I’m now thinking about a longer session to get more into the background and floral details. But that’s another story.

So, how did you guys do? Did you join me in this 30 minute painting challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Send me a message or leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Stay tuned for our next artist and 30 minute painting challenge!

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