Alfred Elmore – Second Attempt

Hurrah for painting!

I’ve completed the second 30 minute session for “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” It actually went much better than the first. Although, I have to confess, I went over by 10 minutes because I forgot to press play on the timer. With that in mind, I am really happy with the result. Even though I went over the time limit, I feel like the palette on this attempt resembles the original painting’s more than my first attempt.

Good news! I was completely wrong.

I read some information on the painting. I am happy to say that I got it all wrong. The two men in the painting are not competing for the woman. From all the sources that I could find (I asked my good friend google), the painting is also not depicting an actual scene from Shakespeare’s play. Instead, Elmore composed the painting from just a line from the play. In the “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, the duke is pretending to be asleep while Valentine and Sylvia act romantically behind his back. But apparently he notices the romance that they try to hide from him. In the play, Sylvia is promised to another man, Proteus, but Sylvia is also in love with Valentine and plans to elope. The painting makes me want to read the entire play. Maybe I will.

Here’s my second attempt:


I am a little behind on posting, but I will post the final attempt soon. I hope you are challenging yourself as well. As always, let me know how your 30 minute painting challenge is going.

Source for background information on painting:

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