What’s the Wifi?

It feels good to be back

Although I was silent for quite a while on the blog, I have been working on other projects which have afforded me no extra time to devote to the challenge or the blog. But now I’m back.


Business as usual

I can now continue with the weekly 30 minutes challenges. The art challenge has been slightly altered. From now on, I will focus on one artist per month as opposed to one a week. I feel like that will give me more time to do a deeper study of each artist’s body of work and techniques. After all, I am in this to get better as an artist. Starting this coming up week, I will challenge myself with about four works a month from each artist.


Trails of the masters

On top of the regular challenges, I am now doing a much longer, no-timed, session. In that session, I will copy one work from my 30 minute sessions, and continue to build on it. I will change the master’s original artwork and make it mine by turning it into something new and original. I am very excited about this new idea. So, stop by the blog about once a month to see what I’ve created from the old masters’ works.


“Two gentlemen of Verona” is now “What’s the Wifi?”   

I have decided to twist “Two gentlemen of Verona” by adding an Ipad in that setting. The surly old man is no longer interested in his daughter’s love choices, but instead, he’s now more curious to discover the world wide web. Let me know what you think, so send me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting.



I will upload the video recording of the process of creating this work on Youtube very soon.


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