About @Jaceleys

About @Jaceley‘s

Hello and welcome to @Jaceley’s.

This blog is where I discuss my thoughts, what I’m doing with my art, and how I am enjoying my life. I post my sketches, my new artwork, art that I find inspiring, new movies and current events that I’m super excited about, and best of all my journey to success from creating.

I am inviting you to join me on this incredible journey. You might learn something new, find a new hobby, or fall in love with impressionist paintings like I have.

About Jaceley-the author

My name is Jaceley Frezin. I moved from Haiti to the U.S.A. when I was a teenager. Luckily I still have that thick accent that most people love. I now live in Pennsylvania. I’ve done many things for a living from salesman, and translator, to web designer. I am now focusing on making a living solely from creating. I love dogs almost as much as I love cats. I think rainy days are the best. I often make-up or misuse words that my wife finds quite amusing. Send me a message If you want to give me a good tip or some advice, to practice French with me (I’m very rusty), or simply to tell me I’m awesome :).

Thanks for your support and for visiting my blog.